duminică, 28 octombrie 2007

Prima Casatorie Virtuala

UnderNET IRC Networking

[19:17:23] * Now talking in #Chapel
[19:17:23] * Topic is 'Wedding To Take Place In 90 MINUTES. w00000t www.undernet.org / www.irc-junkie.org / www.mircscripts.us / www.mirc.net / http://undernetwedding.skypeirc.com'
[19:17:23] * Set by Huggins on Sun Oct 28 18:27:03

Asta e primul topic pe care l-am vazut cand am intrat, ok, am fost banat, dar cand am reintrat asa zisa nunta incepuse ...
Mire - Huggings - Located in Britain, din cate am auzit
Mireasa - DeeGee` - Located in Chicago, din surse sigure.
Parinte/Preot - FtherZima
Tatal Miresei - El_Rey


[19:40:04] [@wakco] 20 minutes and counting
X quotes:
[19:35:41] [@X] wow, so many of you :)
[20:18:24] [@X] I object!... oh wait, you're not bots, ignore me
[20:38:34] [@X] Fast talker, how do you think he got her to agree to all this... ewps sorry

[20:44:36] -FtherZima:#Chapel- People of IRC, It is my horror to give to you, Mr and Mrs DeeGee
[20:44:42] <@FtherZima> People of IRC, It is my horror to give to you, Mr and Mrs DeeGee
[20:44:48] <@FtherZima> May they suffer as much as everyone else who has made this mistake.
[20:44:58] * DeeGee` is now known as MrsDeeGee
[20:45:02] * Huggins is now known as MrDeeGee

Si mai interesant a fost faptul ca el a luat numele fetei, oricum, a fost distractiv, priviti un mic interview acordat de catre mine :

Session Start: Sun Oct 28 20:36:20 2007
Session Ident: DeeGee`
[20:36:20] -> Server: whois DeeGee` DeeGee`
[20:36:21] DeeGee` is ~dg@DumbGirL.users.undernet.org * DeeGee
[20:36:21] DeeGee` on @#Chapel @#honeymoon
[20:36:21] DeeGee` using *.undernet.org The Undernet Underworld
[20:36:21] DeeGee` is logged in as DumbGirL
[20:36:21] DeeGee` has been idle 5secs, signed on Sun Oct 28 19:03:55
[20:36:21] DeeGee` End of /WHOIS list.
[20:37:00] [crys] Esti tare :)
[20:37:06] [deegee`] :))))))
[20:37:20] [crys] Keep it this way.
[20:37:22] [crys] Casa de BCA!
[20:38:03] [crys] Sau mai bine zis, "Sa aveti parte de un canal fara spammeri!" =)
[20:38:13] [deegee`] mersi
[20:38:14] [deegee`] :)
[20:45:09] [crys] Parca tu trebuia sa iei numele baiatului
[20:45:10] [crys] Oh da
[20:45:18] [mrsdeegee] lol
[20:45:20] [mrsdeegee] :))))))
[20:45:22] [crys] :D
[20:45:25] [crys] Interesant
[20:45:39] [crys] Anyway it was hell fun, congrats.
[20:45:56] [mrsdeegee] thanks

** Intr-un sfarsit mi-am dat seama ca fata era romanca, stabilita in chicago, ce poate face IRC-ul asta din oameni... oricum a fost distractiv :)


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